Interview Preparation and Carrier Guidance

Are you feeling low in your IT career? I am here for you.

If you are struggling in your IT Carrere, not able to crack the interview, understand what to do next. I am here to help you out.

I wanted to start this initiative for the last few months, but due to my work I was not able to start but now I have decided somehow I have to take out the time and have to start this.

But on a very special request from a lot of you I have decided to launch this special program that will specifically focus on preparing and cracking interviews from fresher up to experienced profile with 10-12 years of experience.

So here I am..

Who is the intended audience?? 
Anyone who is looking actively looking for a job change.

What you will get in this session? 
Ø  Help in Resume preparation 
Ø  Cover letter preparation
Ø  Career Guidance
Ø  How to apply for a different position
Ø  How social media can help you in the job search
Ø  Mock interviews 
Ø  How to handle tricky interview questions.
Ø  Negotiation skills
Ø  Guidance on clearing different QA Certifications.
Ø  Tips and Tracks for appearing and cracking interviews
Ø  How to create a killer social media profile
Ø  List of most commonly asked interview questions and answers 
Ø  Anything and everything that you are looking for related to job search
Ø  Sharing of some useful material.

Session days and Timing

It would be 30 min of individual sessions ranging from 5-7 days.

Special price Of INR 1000 or USD 15 for the initial few registrations.

How the session would be conducted? 
Telephonic or skype session. 

Please note this won't be any spoon-feeding session rather an interactive one.
Please feel out the below forms if you are interested.