Executing Katalon Studio Test on Jenkins

Executing Katalon Studio Test on Jenkins

In this blog we will learn, how we can integrate our Katalon test case with Jenkins.

1) On Jenkins Home Page, Click on Create New Item.

2) Enter the Name of Job and select it as Freestyle Project.

3) Now login into Katalon Studio and click on CMD option present on the top of the Katalon Studio project.
4) Select the option as per requirement and click on Generate Command and copy the generated command.

5) Under Build-in add build Step in Jenkins, Select execute windows  batch command for Windows and execute shall for MAC OS.

6) Provide the path of where your Katalon executable files are placed and then copy the generated command from Step 4.

7) Apply and Save Changes. Now once we execute the Jenkins job we would be able to see that our Katalon test is getting executed.



My Name is Ankur Jain and I am currently working as Automation Test Architect.I am ISTQB Certified Test Manager,Certified UI Path RPA Developer as well as Certified Scrum Master with total 12 years of working experience with lot of big banking clients around the globe.I love to Design Automation Testing Frameworks with Selenium,Appium,Protractor,Cucumber,Rest-Assured, Katalon Studio and currently exploring lot in Dev-OPS as well. I am currently staying in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Please Connect with me through Contact Us page of this website.

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June 15, 2019 at 6:04 PM

Hey Ankur,
Good one. I wanted add a point here out of my experience.
There is a checkbook which says "keep Console log after execution is completed"
If this is checked then the console in the Jenkins stays freezed or the same for long time keeping the console active and not ending the execution to stop ,hence the job doesn't finish (pass/fail).
If we uncheck this, it works well.
I am sure you must have noticed.
Hope this adds something for those who are new to this.
By the way,I love reading your articles. Keep them coming. Appreciate your efforts.
I am one of those from Naveen automation group. Cheers!

June 15, 2019 at 8:19 PM

Thanks a lot buddy.Keep Learning,Keep Sharing :)

July 24, 2020 at 4:07 AM

When you trigger the run from Jenkins, will the katalon report be generated in the Report folder in your machine?