TOP Testing Tools for Test Automation in the World of AI & ML

TOP Testing Tools for Test Automation in the World of AI & ML

As we all are aware the next generation of testing belongs to AI/ML where this tool will be capable of automatically doing the automated visual testing, predictive analysis, Auto-Healing along with traditional features of any Automation tools based on the past data, their analysis and complex algorithm.

So, in this article, I am going to discuss few tools based on AI/ML which has capabilities to Change the traditional way of doing Test Automation forever.

1) Mabl

Mabl is Next Generation Ai/ML Based test Automation tool that offers scriptless cross-browser testing, auto-healing tests, visual testing, and diagnostics all in one pack.

Some of the Features of Mabl includes:

v  Very easy to set up and configure.
v  Create, Scale and integrate automation test within minutes.
v  Auto healing Test àTest Will Automatically adjust and stay up to date even after several UI changes so basically, we don’t need to go and modify our test scripts.
v  Step by step test execution details so you can share, recreate, and resolve issues.
v  Visual application TestingàMabl uses visual regression testing to identify important visual changes in your app. Machine learning algorithms differentiate between changes in dynamic regions of your application (ex: ads, promotional banners) and those in static regions.
v  Performance Regression TestingàMachine learning models help mabl differentiate between anomalies and significant slowdowns to build tailored thresholds.
v  Cross-Browser TestingàAll test can be configured and run in chrome, IE, Firefox, and safari in parallel.
v  Data-Driven Testing.
v  Fully managed and Secure Testing.
v  Support all the popular integration for CI/CD Pipeline.

2) TestIm

Perhaps one of the most popular and trending tool for AI Automation it uses artificial intelligence to speed-up the authoring, execution, and maintenance of automated tests.

Some of the Key Features include:

v  It can build test within a minute.
v  Machine Learning-Based Self Maintenance.
v  Seamless Integration with all the popular CI/CD and Collaboration Tools

3) AppliTools

It is yet another popular AI-powered end-to-end visual testing & monitoring tool.

Some of the powerful features include:

v  It supports all major test automation frameworks and programming languages covering web, mobile, and desktop apps.
v  AI-powered cognitive vision-->With the help of algorithms it can instantly validate entire application pages, detect layout issues, and process the most complex and dynamic pages. No calibration, training, tweaking or thresholding required on your part.
v  Support Cross Browser and device testing.
v  Support Custom Visual Reports.
v  Seamless Integration with all the popular CI/CD and Collaboration Tools.

4) Functionize

The Functionize platform is powered by Adaptive Event Analysis™ technology which incorporates self-learning algorithms and machine learning in a cloud-based solution.

Some of the key features include:

v  It Supports Functional and Regression Testing on Cloud Platform.
v  Supports for Visual and Cross Browser Testing.
v  Support for Performance, load, and mobile testing as well.
v  Orchestration Control.
v  Support bulk testingàExecute thousand of a test case with a click on the button.
v  Powerful and dynamic Testing

5 ) Appvance
Appvance IQ is an AI-driven, unified test automation system. It delivers transformational productivity gains in both test creation and execution. It is easy to adopt because it runs native scripts from other automation and easily connects to DevOps tooling.

Some of the Powerful features are:

v  Comprehensive Coverage, driven by the user
v  Easy Refresh of Regression Test Suites
v  Regression tests get auto-generated, thousands of them.
v  Drive Appvance IQ from CI/CD like Jenkins or Bamboo.
v  AI scripting creates test cases from production logs.
v  It can run each script through functional, performance and security tests, tripling the advantage.



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July 6, 2019 at 7:24 AM

Yes , Good Info per current trend. Do you have resources in Open Source which support AI in Test Automation. I undertsand this is still in infant stage , I think most of the customers are interested in Open Source. I am current in that direction , let's keep this dialog on.

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February 11, 2021 at 12:34 PM

Great blog, we should have best selenium online training to learn more about new technology