DevOps And Agile Everything You Want To Know

DevOps And Agile! Everything Want To Know

Agile DevOps

Before we discuss The agile procedure, let’s take a look at what DevOps is DevOps is a software development method that focuses on integration, communication, and collaboration between IT professionals, aiding in the rapid development of products.

They achieve this by maintaining a clear line of communication between the operations and the development team aligning IT and development operations in near-perfect synchronization.

However, the Agile methodology focuses on the implementation phase rather than the development. Its goal is to make way for more iterative and evolutionary designs appealing to users.

How can we define the Agile Methodology of the software development cycle

·    Agile helps in managing complex projects that require constant customer feedback. They consider what the users want, what features the future customers find appealing as their groundwork and start working from thereon.

·   Agile is implemented based on some particular frameworks such as Safe and Scrum.

Scrum is a method of product development that maintains a regular cadence of delivery. It involves designated roles and support teams to help with the fast-paced delivery schedules.

However, the process of scaling Scrum in so that it can be adopted by larger enterprises is known as Safe. It’s capable of handling a much bigger team and workload.

Simply put, agile is a mindset, a way of working, while Scrum is a framework that claims its principles are based on the doctrines of Agile methodology.

·        Agile also focuses on training all of its team members to handle a wide variety of challenges. In short, they are equipped to handle the majority of the work that’s involved in the development cycle, making way for faster deliveries.
The team size is also kept small so that they can develop at a rapid rate without any interruptions.

·    Agile also depends on the direct feedback of the customers. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to stick to their release schedule. Constant changes are being implemented and an equally regular stream of feedback is required to identify if they are going in the right direction.

·    Agile focuses solely on software development while letting other departments handle the business end of the organization. Their sole goals are the development methodology which is the development and feedback. They are not concerned with the state of the software as such, but only how it is perceived by the users.

·        Agile also offers cross-functionality. Each team member can work independently no matter where in the production they are placed. Not only this increase the efficiency of the whole process but it also promotes a healthy working environment that benefits the organization in the long run.

·      Agile is like a double-edged sword. It prioritizes on the system rather than the documentation part. Therefore the methodology is perfect if you’re responsive and flexible in your work, but it can be cumbersome when you’re handing it out to other teams, due to the obvious lack of documentation.

·       The work is not automated and relies on individual effort and monitoring skills, addressing the gap between development and testing teams and the customer.

Agile offers shorter development cycles and faster delivery speed. Today where we are living in an age of rapid technological development. Speed is of the utmost importance with high accuracy of defect detection and Agile offers all of these tools in a brief and comprehensive package. 



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