Request and Response Logging in Rest Assured Framework

Request and Response Logging in Rest Assured Framework


To print the response and/or request details in order to help us create the correct expectations and send the correct requests. RestAssured has provided us with Pre-defined filter. 

                               Request Logging

REST Assured supports logging the request specification before it's sent to the server using the RequestLoggingFilter.

For e.g, if we wanted to see complete response what is being sent to the server we can simply add log().all() in request header

Request Logging
  The Response in the output the console would be like

Request Output

Please Note the above output might be changed based on the parameter you sent with JSON request. In a similar way we can specify any other parameter in the log as per requirement.

Response Logging

In the Similar way as Request logging if we want to print the response body regardless of the status code we can do so by

for logging the complete body request we can again use log().all() and the response would be like this.

Response Logging

Response Output



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