Automating QR Code Using Zxing API in Selenium Web-Driver

Automating QR Code Using Zxing API in Selenium Web-Driver

In this blog we are going to learn how to Automate QR Code using Selenium Web-driver.

Before Moving further let’s understand what is QR Code?

QR Code contains different type of data that is normally not visible through naked eyes to read this data we need to use QR Code Scanner that can read this data.

QR Code normally consist of black squared boxes arranged in some specific pattern.

To Automate QR Code through selenium web driver we need to follow below steps:

1)     Download below Zxing JARS or maven dependency from the below link

ZXing Java SEExtensions

In this blog I am using the below maven dependencies.

2)     In this blog for demo purpose I am reading below QR code from
3)     Below is the Code Snapshot along with detailed explanation.

o     Output of the above code would be :



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August 23, 2019 at 6:49 PM

Hello, thanks for this article. Will I be able to automate a barcode also using this approach? Like barcode scanning functionality?

August 25, 2019 at 8:30 AM

For Barcode there is a different article you can refer this using below link

October 27, 2020 at 11:16 PM

Hi,can you explain how to automate graph using selenium

January 16, 2024 at 2:53 PM

Nice article. I have use this and it really helped me. Thank you