Selenium 4 -Alpha Release Now-What Every QA Should Know..!!

Selenium 4 -Alpha Release Now-What Every QA Should Know..!!

Selenium 4 -Alpha is Released Now 

After teasing us from long-time finally, Selenium 4 Alpha release has been launched (final release has still to be launched). We can now login to the maven repository and start using their dependencies.

You can click on this link for selenium 4 alpha maven dependencies.

Now the big and the obvious questions would be about the new features introduced in Selenium 4.

For this, we are still not sure as officially no announcements have been made yet.

Below are some of the features (though yet not confirmed) are part of this release.

·        Introduction of New Selenium IDE for Record and playback.
·        W3C Web driver Standardization. Please refer to this link for W3C selenium documentation.
·        Better and Standard documentation
·        Improved and Better Support for Selenium Grid
·        Basic Support or Standard Docker Container.
·        Removal of Native Support for Opera and PhantomJs
·        Lot of Internal API Changes for better performance.
·        add pollTimeout argument to the wait() method. The default value is 200ms
·        Replaced WebElement.getSize() and WebElement.getLocation() with a single method WebElement.getRect().
·        Changes to the Builder class:
    •      Added setChromeService, setEdgeService, & setFirefoxService
    •      Removed setEnableNativeEvents
    •      Removed setScrollBehavior

·        Changes to chrome.Driver
    •      Added sendDevToolsCommand
    •      Added setDownloadPath
·        Changes to chrome.Options
    •      Now extends the Capabilities class
    •      Removed from/toCapabilities
·        Changes to edge.Options
    •      Now extends the Capabilities class
    •      Removed from/toCapabilities
·        Changes to ie.Options
    •      Now extends the Capabilities class
    •      Removed from/toCapabilities
·        Removed the firefox.Binary class. Custom binaries can still be selected using firefox.Options#setBinary(). Likewise, custom binary arguments can be specified with firefox.Options#addArguments().
·        Changes to firefox.Driver
    •      Added installAddon(path)
    •      Added uninstallAddon(id)
·        Changes to firefox.Options
    •       Now extends the Capabilities class
    •       Removed from/toCapabilities
    •       Removed setLoggingPreferences (was a no-op)
    •      setProfile now only accepts a path to an existing profile
    •      Added addExtensions
    •      Added setPreference

Source : Selenium Github.
Keep your finger cross for further official update from Selenium end.



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