Importing Requirements into HP-ALM Using Excel

Importing Requirements into HP-ALM Using Excel

As we all are aware every time it is not possible to create requirement directly in HP-ALM tool or let’s say we have a scenario where we have a lot of requirement written in excel format and we want to import this requirement in HP-ALM tool for this purpose there is an excel utility called as “Microsoft Excel Add-in” which would help us to directly import requirements into the HP-ALM tool instead of manually putting it.

We need to follow the below steps for this:

1)     Check out your ALM version and Download utility from this link :

2)    Install this utility into your machine and after installation validate it by opening an excel file on the top of excel you should be able to view the below option.

3)  Now Login into HP-ALM tool and click on create new requirement and validate the mandatory and non-mandatory fields which we wanted to push through excel file.

As shown in below screenshot in my case Name and Requirement Type is mandatory field rest all are non-mandatory fields.

4)    Now in our excel file Create Requirement and other necessary fields that we wanted to push into the HP-ALM Tool. Please Note all the values from drop-down should be selected as it is otherwise it will give an error.

5)   Now click on Login Button in the Add-in Section and provide the necessary details.

6)     Once you logged in you would be able to view selected domain and project name on top of the screen.

7)     Now Select the required requirements and click on the Mapping button.

8)     Select Entity Type as Requirements on the top of the screen.

9)    Click on Auto-map button, it will automatically map the provided excel sheet against the requirement in ALM. Please validate it once, if you want to change this select that value and update the value in Excel Column. Click on the OK button.

10) Now click on Upload to HP-ALM. The requirement will be successfully uploaded in ALM.

 Happy Learning :)



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