Integrating Katalon Analytics with Katalon Studio

Integrating Katalon Analytics with Katalon Studio

In this article, we will learn how we can integrate Katalon Studio with Katalon analytics.

What is Katalon Analytics?

As per their official page, Katalon Analytics (Beta) brings users to the next level of reviewing Katalon Studio test execution reports. This web-based application provides in-depth views of reports through powerful visualization including charts, graphs, and reports. Thus, users can make an informed decision on the quality of the application build. 

To integrate Katalon Studio test with Katalon Analytics we need to follow below steps:
1)   Login into and create one new project if not already created.
2)   Now Login into Katalon Studio , ProjectàSettings

3)   Under IntegrationàKatalon Analytics provide the Server Url, email, password and click on Connect. Once this is done click on Apply and OK button.

4)   Now to generate a report in the analytics tool, we need to execute our Test Suite.

5)   In this example I have created one test suite with three test cases.
6)   Once our test will get executed we would be able to see a very beautiful report generated in our Katalon Analytics dashboard stating the total number of test case executed along with their status, performance, environment also we would be able to see the logs and screenshot in case of any test case failure.



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