Automating Desktop Application Using Katalon Studio

Automating Desktop Application Using Katalon Studio

As we understand in today's world automating the desktop application is equally important as automating any other web or mobile-based application.

So, In this article, we will learn these interesting topics of how to automate the desktop applications using Katalon Studio.

Please Note for automating the desktop application using Katalon studio its version should be 7.0 or above.

To start automating there are few pre-requisite that needs to be done.

ü Installation of WinAppDriver

To install WinAppDriver Click on Tools Menu->Windows->Install WinAppDrivers

ü Enable Developer mode settings in windows (if not done)

    Search developer settings in windows

    And Select Developer Mode

ü Start WinAppDriver

    To start WinAppDriver Login into the command prompt and go to the path where  winappdriver is installed and type WinAppDriver.exe.

Now we are all set to create the first test for automating any desktop application.

In this example, I am going to record one demo test case for a Notepad application.

1.    Click on Record windows Action present on the top of the screen.

2.    Navigate to the path where .exe file of the desktop application is kept and provide some application Tittle and click on the start button.

3.    Record steps and actions as per the requirement we usually do in any other web or mobile application.

4.    Click on Stop Button

5.    Save the Object Repository and Test Case

6.    Now to execute this test click on Run->Windows



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