Grafana : Monitoring and Metric Analytics & Dashboard Tool

Grafana : Monitoring and Metric Analytics & Dashboard Tool

Being in a field of The software industry myself, I know how hard it is to analyze, organize predict scenarios based on mountains of information. It’s always easy to monitor data when you have a relatively small pool to work with. However, big-fish companies have to through a hundred thousand terabytes of data every day.

What is Grafana?

Grafana helps you monitor all that information, presenting you with metrics and predictions over a period of time. Metrics that can help you manage your business more efficiently and improve on its structure. Its an open-source platform for data visualization and offers a lot in terms of interactivity and features.

Grafana allows you to create dashboards containing various panels, where each panel represents a specific metric. The great thing about dashboards is versatility. You can tailor to any project and their requirements.

Grafana works well with a variety of data sources such as Elasticsearch, Prometheus, InfluxDB, MySQL and many more and Grafana offers a customized query editor for each one of them. it can be broken down into three components:

·     The Panel is the base visualization block in the tracking metrics. You must have seen the fancy graphs, heat maps and other sorts of visual representation of data. Those are known as panels and Grafana has a wide variety to choose from. Singlestat, free text, tables, graphs, you name it and it’s there.

Grafana also allows for seamless integration with many community-based plugins such as clocks and maps. You can drag and rearrange them, resize them and even alter the format and style on them as well.

·        The next item on the list is the dashboard. It is a collection of one or more panels along with a set of variables. For instance, let’s assume your monitoring several applications across several servers. You can change the variables at any time to look at a particular application or server of your choice. You can also customize your dashboards and if you have trouble setting up your own, the community has your back.

Since Grafana is open-source, there are a lot of premade dashboards floating on the internet. You can pick one up and work on it until you get the hang of it and build your own once you have mastered the controls.

·        Annotations
Annotations are like bookmarks only instead of marking pages, you get to mark a specific spot on the graph. Hovering over the said annotation gives you various details about the instance such as the description, tags, errors, uptime, downtime the list goes on.

Annotations are a great way to mark specific events and the consequences in the application that occurred in response to said event. 

What can you do with Grafana?

Text logs and error notifications are a thing of the past. The future is a lot more controlled and detaillistic. Suppose you’re developing a web app. You can then keep track of:

·        The app version after consecutive updates and know exactly what was wrong with previous versions
·        Unique IDs and their respective IP addresses from where they were sent.
·        Error codes.
·        Response time.
·         User info such as emails, usernames.
·        The device running the application

Grafana is a versatile platform that makes your duty of monitoring the development of your app a lot more easier. It’s the one solution for all your problems and given its efficiency you might as well give it a try.



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