Chef DevOps Tool : A Beginners Guide

Chef DevOps Tool : A Beginners Guide

Chef DevOps

What is Chef?

Chef is an open source innovation created by Opscode. Adam Jacob, fellow benefactor of Opscode is known as the founder of Chef. This innovation utilizes Ruby encoding to develop essential building blocks like recipe and cookbooks.

Purpose of Chef

Chef is utilized in foundation automation and aides in decreasing manual and tedious errands for frameworks. Chef has its own convention for various building blocks, which are required to oversee and automate infrastructure.

Chef’s Features

Following are the most conspicuous features of Chef

·         Chef utilizes well known Ruby language to make domain-specific language.
·         Chef doesn't make presumptions on the present status of a node. It utilizes its systems to get the present status of machine.
·         Chef is perfect for sending and dealing with the cloud server, storage, and programming.

Chef Feature

Benefits of Chef

·         Quickening programming delivery, when your framework is automated all the product prerequisites like testing, making new conditions for programming arrangements and so forth turns out to be quicker.

·         Expanded assistance Resiliency, by making the framework computerized it screens for bugs and mistakes before they happen it can likewise recuperate from blunders all the more rapidly.

·         Risk Management, the chef brings down hazards and improves consistency at all phases of deployment. It diminishes the contentions during the development and production environment.

·         Cloud Adoption, Chef can be effectively adjusted to a cloud situation and the servers and framework can be effectively arranged, installed and managed automatically by Chef.

·         To manage Data Centers and Cloud Environments, Chef can run on various stages, it also can deal with all your cloud and on-premise stages including servers.

·         Streamlined IT activity and Workflow, Chef gives a pipeline to consistent deployment beginning from working to testing and entirely through delivery, observing, and troubleshooting.

Architecture of Chef

Chef deals with a three-level customer server model wherein the working units, for example, cookbooks are created on the Chef workstation. From the order line utilities, for example, knife, they are transferred to the Chef server and every one of the nodes which are available in the architecture are enlisted with the Chef server.

Architecture of Chef

So as to get the working Chef foundation set up, we have to set up different things in sequence.

·         Chef Workstation
·         Chef Server
·         Chef Nodes

To Learn various Chef Knife Command, Refer to this link.

Difference between Chef and Puppet

Puppet is an incredible enterprise-grade setup the management tool. Both Chef and Puppet help development and operations groups oversee applications and infrastructure. Anyway, they have significant differences you ought to comprehend while assessing which one is directly for you.

·         The architecture of Chef and Puppet is comparative, yet they vary somewhat on how they handle HA.

·          In Puppet, the master recreates its information to another server and they work in an active/passive way. For Chef, HA is taken care of with three servers in an active/passive mode with an API front end that can scale evenly.

·         Tools contrast by the way you create and test recipes or manifests. Chef has a workstation including the Chef SDK that you can introduce in your PC as a staging environment.

·         Puppet doesn't have a workstation, yet it has an SDK where you can test manifests while creating them. Additionally, you can apply manifests locally with the puppet apply command.



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