Key Principles for a Successful DevOps Culture

Key Principles for a Successful DevOps Culture

In this article, we are going to learn some of the basic principles of DevOps. But Before that, Lets Learn

What is DevOps 

DevOps can be defined as a culture or process or practice within an organization that increases communication, collaboration, and integration of the Development (which includes the QA team) and the Operations (IT Operations) teams. The aim is to automate and speed up the software delivery process much more frequently and reliably.

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Main principles of DevOps

I.                 Incremental : In DevOps, we aim to incrementally release software to production. We need to do releases to production more often than the Waterfall approach of one large release.

II.               Automated : To enable users to make releases more often, we automate the operations from Code Check in to the deployment in Production.

III.            Collaborative : DevOps is not the only responsibility of the Operations team. It is a collaborative effort of Dev, Release, QA and DevOps teams.

IV.            Iterative : DevOps is based on Iterative principle of using a process that is repeatable. But with each iteration, we aim to make the process more efficient and better.

V.               Self-Service : In DevOps, we automate things and give self-service options to other teams so that they are empowered to deliver the work in their domain.

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Are you more Dev or more Ops

Well, This is a tricky question. DevOps is not a new concept and in any company, the maturity of DevOps varies from highly Operations oriented to highly DevOps oriented. In some places, teams are matured enough and practice DevOps in its true form. In some projects, teams rely more on Operations items.

As a DevOps person, you have to give first priority to the needs of an organization and project. In some places, you may have to perform a lot of operations work. But with each iteration, you must aim to bring DevOps changes incrementally to an organization.

Over time, the organization starts seeing results of DevOps practices and embraces it fully.



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