Red Hat OpenShift

Red Hat OpenShift

Red Hat OpenShift

Red Hat OpenShift is a trusted hybrid cloud, enterprise Kubernetes application platform. It is a platform committed to simplifying and full-stack automate the cloud and empower the developers to innovate with the help of their platform.

What is Red Hat OpenShift?

Red Hat OpenShift is engineered to address the complexity of managing container-based applications in production systems. It is designed in a way of the self-managing platform with automatic software updates and lifecycle management across hybrid clouds. They focus on the best and reliable developer-focused user experience in a way that they help cluster administrators by easy management of platforms and applications with fast OpenShift migration tools.

Red Hat OpenShift Purpose:

Red Hat OpenShift has served its purpose by optimizing the developer productivity and innovation; giving them access to hybrid cloud and multiple clouds deployments that help the developers and operations teams’ for provision, manage and scale the Kubernetes platform. At this platform, they have access to hundreds of images and correct fast solutions from trusted partners from all across the cloud. Operations teams have access to all the deployments made where ever they are and also across the teams so they can monitor and log in anytime. With proper security and scanning of all the process they can access on-demand images and have native access to the wide range of third-party cloud services all through the OpenShift platform.

Red Hat OpenShift Architecture:

Red Hat OpenShift is based on an enterprise-grade Linux operating system. For container hosting and runtime it ships with Red Hat Enterprise Linux CoreOS for the Kubernetes master and supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux for worker nodes. Red Hat OpenShift supports standard Docker and CRI-O runtimes.

OpenShift Architecture

Red Hat OpenShift Benefits and Features:

There are various choices in Kubernetes solutions. This includes solutions for defects, bugs, security, scanning, and monitoring. These solutions fix all these issues for upstream Kubernetes in every new release or update. These solutions are reliable as they are tested with multiple technologies and are integrated with platform support over a 9-year cycle. While providing the best solutions they also include networking based on soft wares as well-validated networking solutions, validated generous storage and third-party plugins for each new release in their services.

In their services, Red Hat OpenShift provide the developers with an integrated and private container registry which is installed in the Kubernetes cluster or as standalone. Red Hat OpenShift promise to provide developers a streamlined workflow so they can build faster applications. They do so by providing frameworks, packages, and libraries require for the application in a single container so developers can focus on their code only. Red Hat OpenShift also helps the administrators and teams with direct access and validated third-party solutions also Kubernetes operators through the embedded Operator Hub

Red Hat OpenShift Plans:

Red Hat OpenShift has a variety of plans whether it’s a personal project or a planet-scale, business-critical application, there’s a plan that’s right for you. The plans compromises of Red Hat Microsoft Azure at $0.192/hour, Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated at $36,000/year for enterprises, online plans on public clouds for starters with 1 project for free and pro plan with 10 projects at $50/month per region for individuals.
You can choose any plan that’s right for you and get 60 days free trials of Red Hat OpenShift container platform to get started with this amazing platform.


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