Docker Swarm Commands

Docker Swarm Commands

Docker Swarm is a clustering and booking tool for Docker containers. With Swarm, IT specialists and engineers can set up and deal with a group of Docker nodes as a solitary virtual framework. 

When a gathering of machines has been bunched together, you can even now run the Docker orders that you're used to, however, they will presently be done by the machines in your group. 

The exercises of the cluster are constrained by a swarm chief, and machines that have joined the group are alluded to as nodes.

To know Docker Swarm in detail, please check out this link.

In this article, we will be learning some of the most useful Docker Swarm Commands.

     Docker Swarm Command
   docker swarm ca
To Display and rotate the root CA

   docker swarm init        
To Initialize a docker swarm

   docker swarm join
To join a swarm as a node and/or manager

   docker swarm join-token
To Manage join tokens

   docker swarm leave
To Leave the docker swarm

   docker swarm unlock
To unlock docker swarm

   docker swarm unlock-         key          

To Manage the unlock key

   docker swarm         update            

To update the docker swarm
   docker service     ls           

To List docker services
   docker service create    <name> <image-name>
To Create a new service
   docker service rm <name>

To remove docker service
   docker service scale <name>

To scale docker services



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