Steps to Read Configuration from Properties File in Rest Assured Framework

Steps to Read Configuration from Properties File in Rest Assured Framework

What is configuration or properties file?
As we all are aware that it is not good practice to store hard coded values in the code, also it is against the basic coding principal so with the help of properties/configuration file, we can eliminate all these hard coded from our code.

For this purpose .properties files are used in Java programs to maintain configuration data, any project-specific setting such as browser name or any test data. All the values in this file are normally stored in the Key-Value Format.

So we need to follow below steps to a setup .properties file in our rest assured or any other testing framework.
1)Now Inside project main Folder under Configuration or any other Package of your choice add one text file with extension as .properties.

2)Inside these properties, file declare the value in Key, value format.
3)In project Base Class, declare one Property variable and provide the path of .properties file along with below code snapshot.

     4) Now we are ready to use our Properties the file inside test classes using below syntax.

getProperty method will take the Key of the property as a parameter and return the Value of the matched key from the .properties file.

Now when we are going to execute code the compiler will read the data from this .properties file and this way we can also remove all the hard-coded values from our project.

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