Jenkins Git Integration

Jenkins Git Integration

      In this blog, we will learn, how we can integrate our Git Repository with Jenkins to continuous poll it for any modification and execute automation script in case of any changes.

1)   Log in into Jenkins-->Manage Jenkins and Install Git Plugin. Please make sure to restart Jenkins after the plugin installation.

2)    Now go to Jenkins Home Page create New Jenkins Job and in Info Maven plugin Configuration under GitHub Project, Provide the path of GitHub Project.

3)   Under Source Code Management Section Select Git and again provide the path of the GitHub Project.

Sometimes we may get an error message when we enter the repository path. 

This usually happens if Git is not installed on the local machine. To Install Git, go to

4)   Under Build Triggers, Select Poll SCM and provide the polling frequency as per your requirement.

5)   Apply and Save Changes. Now after any changes made to Git Repository or as per polling frequency given Jenkins will automatically execute automation suite.



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