Postman Collection Integration with NewMan

Postman Collection Integration with NewMan

In this blog, we are going to learn how to run postman collection through command prompt using Newman.

Newman is a postman open-source tool to run postman collection directly from the command prompt and with the help of this we can also integrate our continuous integration test.

Newman installation

Before starting with Newman installation we need to make sure that node.js is installed in our system.

To check whether node.js is installed type npm-version on the command line.

If any version appears it means node is installed otherwise we can install Node.js from the there official site.

After node.js installed type below command
npm install -g newman

Once Newman will install

Go to Postman Collection and export collection into local machine.

After this go to the path of postman collection using the command prompt and type

newman run CollectionName.json

We will get the result in the following format in our command prompt.

Please refer below blog to know,  how we can integrate Postman Collection with Jenkins.

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