System Testing and Why It Is So Importance

System Testing and Why It Is So Importance

In this article, we will learn what is system testing and what is the importance of System Testing in any project.

What is System Testing??

System testing is performed to validate the behavior and capabilities of an entire system or product, usually considering the end-to-end task the system will perform and therefore the non-functional behavior it exhibits while performing those tasks.

System Testing focuses on overall end to end behavior of the system as a whole which includes both functional as well as non-functional behavior and based on the outcome of this testing often stakeholders or business make release go/no go decisions.

Importance of System Testing

ü Building Complete confidence in the quality of the system as a whole.
ü Finding defects in the system.
ü Preventing defects from escaping to higher test levels or production
ü Verifying whether the functional and non-functional behaviors of the system are as designed and specified
ü Validating that the system is complete and is work as expected as per requirement.

Now the obvious question that comes to our mind was on what basis or documents System testing could be performed:

ü System and software requirement specifications
ü Business or System Requirement Documents
ü State diagrams or Flow diagrams
ü Use cases or User Story documents
ü Epics and user stories
ü Models of system behavior
ü System and user manuals
ü Risk analysis/coverage reports

What kind of Issue Can be identified by System Testing??

A typical issue that can be identified in System testing are:

ü Incorrect or unexpected system functional or non-functional behavior
ü Incorrect control and/or data flows within the system
ü Failure of the system to work properly in the production environment(s)
ü Failure of the system to work as described in system requirement specifications.
ü Incorrect data flow or calculations
ü Incorrect error messages
ü Failure to properly and completely carry out end-to-end functional tasks



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