Automation Framework-Modular,DataDriven,Keyword,Hybrid,Behavior Driven Development

Automation Framework-Modular,DataDriven,Keyword,Hybrid,Behavior Driven Development

What is Automation Framework

Automation Framework is a set of guidelines, standards, process, and practices to create and maintain code consistency and to create automation test suite.

There are several advantages of using automation framework like

Advantage of Test Automation framework

ü  Reusability of code
ü  Maximum coverage
ü  Recovery scenario
ü  Low-cost maintenance
ü  Minimal manual intervention
ü  Easy Reporting

Below is the list of different types of automation frameworks: 

1.     Module Based Testing Framework: 

In this framework, the entire application is usually divided into several logical and isolated modules and submodules. Then for each module, separate and independent test script can be created. Thus, when all test scripts are merged it will create a large test suite representing more than a single module.

2.     Library Architecture Testing Framework: 

In this framework, we will determine all the common steps and group them into functions under a library function and call these functions in the automation test scripts as per our requirement.

3.     Data-Driven Testing Framework: 

In this framework, we will segregate the test data and test case logic from each other and store this data into an external system like excel or database. This data is steered in the form of “key-value” pair and the key is used to access and populate the data within the test scripts.

To understand Data-Driven Framework we can take the example of Online school/college admission forms. In this form users (tester) need to input data with different sort of permutation and this type of test data cannot be hard code in any test file hence we can pull all the test data from any external source like a database or excel files.

4.          Keyword Driven Testing Framework: 

This framework is just an extension to data-driven Testing Framework and it not only segregates the test data from the script it will also keep the set of code belonging to test script into an external data file.

All this information is written in code for e.g operations are represented as a keyword like SendMail(), LoginIntoPage(), EnterUserDetails() etc.

The biggest downfall of this framework is that it requires complex programming knowledge when code becomes lengthier.

5.     Hybrid Testing Framework: 

This Framework is a combination of more than one above mentioned framework. The biggest advantage of this framework is that it leverages the benefits of all kinds of associated frameworks. 

6.     Behavior Driven Development Framework: 

This framework allows the automation of functional validations in
easy to read and understand format to Business Analysts (BA), Developers, Testers, etc. This framework typically relies on the usage of Gherkins keyword like Given, When, Then, AND using which all tests can be written in a very easily readable format.



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