Steps To Setup Cypress DashBoard

Steps To Setup Cypress DashBoard

In this article, we will learn how to use and set up the Cypress Dashboard Service.

What is Cypress Dashboard?

The Cypress Dashboard is a service that gives you access to recorded tests - typically when running Cypress tests from your CI provider. The Dashboard provides you insight into what happened when your tests ran.

The Dashboard allows you to:

  • See the number of failed, passing, pending and skipped tests.
  • Get the entire stack trace of failed tests.
  • View screenshots were taken when tests fail or when using cy.screenshot().

Before moving further I would highly recommend reading this article on creating your first Cypress project.

Let’s now see how to configure the project that we have created in our last article with Dashboard.

  • The first thing is we have to open our cypress Project using Cypress open commandRefer to this article point no 5.
  • Login either using your exiting GitHub or Google account.

  • Click on Runs option present at top of the screen 

  • Click on Setup a New project 

  • Provide the name of the project and click on the Setup project. A project will be created successfully.

  • You will get a screen as I showed in the below screenshot

  • Copy the command and execute from your Command prompt

Once executed, another Server install will be created and the tests will start to execute heedlessly.

  • While this is executing, when you launch the dashboard service, you will
be able to notice that the execution status will be Running 

  • All the details will also be available in the terminal logs.



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