What Is Amazon DynamoDB?

What Is Amazon DynamoDB?

Amazon DynamoDB

Amazon DynamoDB is a key-worth and archive database that conveys single-digit millisecond execution at any scale. It's a completely managed, multi-region, multi-master, solid database with built-in security, reinforcement and reestablishes, and in-memory reserving for web-scale applications. DynamoDB can deal with in excess of 10 trillion solicitations for every day and can support pinnacles of 20 million solicitations for each second.

A significant number of the world's quickest developing organizations, for example, Lyft, Airbnb, and Redfin just as endeavors, for example, Samsung, Toyota and Capital One rely upon the scale and execution of DynamoDB to help their strategic outstanding tasks at hand.

A huge number of AWS clients have picked DynamoDB as their key-worth and archive database for versatile, web, gaming, promotion tech, IoT, and different applications that need low-idleness information access at any scale. Make another table for your application and let DynamoDB handle the rest.

Features of Amazon DynamoDB

Amazon DynamoDB is a NoSQL database that supports key-worth and record information models, and empowers engineers to fabricate present day, serverless applications that can begin little and scale internationally to help petabytes of information and countless read and write demands every second. DynamoDB is intended to run elite, web-scale applications that would overburden conventional social databases. Features are as follows:

·         Execution

DynamoDB is a key-worth and archive database that can bolster tables of essentially any size with even scaling. This empowers DynamoDB to scale to in excess of 10 trillion solicitations for each day with tops more noteworthy than 20 million solicitations for each second, over petabytes of capacity.

·         Serverless

With DynamoDB, there are no servers to the arrangement, fix, or oversee, and no product to introduce, keep up, or work. DynamoDB consequently scales tables to modify for limit and keeps up execution with zero organization. Accessibility and adaptation to non-critical failure are inherent, wiping out the need to design your applications for these capacities.

·         Enterprise

DynamoDB is for important workloads that support ACID exchanges for an expansive arrangement of utilizations that include complex business rationale. DynamoDB protects your information with encryption and consistently backs up your information for security, with ensured dependability through an assistance level understanding.


DynamoDB charges for reading, composing, and putting away information in your DynamoDB tables, alongside any discretionary highlights you decide to empower. It has two modes on-demand and provisioned.

Pricing for on-demand capacity mode

This mode may be ideal on the off chance that you:

·         Make new tables with obscure outstanding tasks at hand.
·         Have unusual application traffic.
·         Lean toward the simplicity of paying for just what you use.

The Monthly bill for this is:

For write $4.44 ($1.25 per million writes x 3.55 million writes)
For reads $0.89 ($0.25 per million reads x 3.55 million reads)

Pricing for provisioned capacity mode

Provisioned the limit mode may be ideal in the event that you:

·         Have unsurprising application traffic.
·         Run applications whose traffic is predictable or inclines step by step.
·         Can gauge limit necessities to control costs.

The charges for a month are $66.86 and are as follows:

Days 1 – 10: $18.72 ($0.078 per hour x 24 hours x 10 days)
Days 11 – 20: $26.66 ($0.11109 per hour x 24 hours x 10 days)
Days 21 – 30: $21.48 ($0.08952 per hour x 24 hours x 10 days)



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