What is Amazon Glacier

What is Amazon Glacier ?

AWS Glacier

In case you're now utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS), you're presumably more than acquainted with its Simple Storage Service (S3). And keeping in mind that S3's adaptable stockpiling framework is absolutely a famous technique for sparing your information in the cloud, Amazon Glacier is an elective strategy that merits investigating.

While the two administrations offer cloud-based capacity, S3 and Amazon Glacier each have their own one of a kind advantages. So relying upon what sort of information you have to store, and your purposes behind putting away it, utilizing the two administrations related may bode well.

What Is Amazon Glacier?

As referenced above, Amazon Glacier is an online information storage service by AWS. Much the same as AWS's famous S3 administration, Glacier gives clients a basic, secure, cloud-based information storage that can rapidly be scaled up or down varying. In any case, not at all like S3, which is intended to give clients fast access to their information, Amazon Glacier is intended for the long term storage of dormant information that won't be immediately recovered (it usually takes somewhere in the range of three-and-five hours to make a recovery from Glacier). This long term, the slow-moving strategy is known as cold storage, consequently, the explanation AWS named their service Glacier.


There are a lot of benefits of using Amazon Glacier some of them are listed below:

·        Retrievals As Quick As 1-5 Minutes
·        Unmatched Durability & Scalability
·        Most Comprehensive Security & Compliance Capabilities
·        Low Cost
·        Support By Partners and AWS Services


Since Amazon Glacier is intended to store data that will only from time to time, if at any point, should be recovered, it clearly is anything but a decent alternative for information that should be rapidly and constantly needed. To effectively express this idea, AWS now and again charges clients extra for recovering information from Glacier, despite the fact that this relies upon the measure of information being recovered and the client's valuing plan. Be that as it may, on the other side, Glacier's stockpiling charges are surprisingly modest, beginning at just $0.004 per gigabyte every month.

When Should You Use Amazon Glacier?

In case you're searching for low idleness information storage and require visit access to your information, Amazon Glacier isn't for you. All things considered, that is what S3 is really going after. Assuming, in any case, you are searching for something more along the lines of chronicled record storage, at that point, the cost and adaptability offered by Glacier are unquestionably worth investigating.

To save money on capacity costs, AWS clients commonly plan more seasoned reinforcement information that is put away on S3 to be erased after a specific timeframe. This cash sparing strategy is disentangled significantly further by using outsider assistance like CloudRanger to robotize the procedure. Yet, by likewise fusing Amazon Glacier into the procedure, important information that would ordinarily get deleted can rather be moved to cold-stockpiling. While sparing this information uncertainly on S3 bodes well, the expense of sparing it with Glacier is significantly more acceptable, giving clients the better of the two universes.



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