Getting Started With Jenkins Blue Ocean

Getting Started With Jenkins Blue Ocean

In this article, we are going to learn one of the interesting topics on how to Setup Jenkins Blue Ocean on our Jenkins instance.

Before moving on the setup part let's understand first.

What is Jenkins Blue Ocean ?

Jenkins Blue Ocean is designed to change the user experience of existing Jenkins and at the same time design ground for Jenkins pipeline and freestyle jobs.

Some of the important feature of Jenkins Blue ocean includes :

  • Sophisticated visualizations of continuous delivery (CD) Pipelines, allowing for fast and intuitive comprehension of your Pipeline’s status.
  • Pipeline editor-makes the creation of Pipelines approachable by guiding the user through an intuitive and visual process to create a Pipeline.
  • Personalization to suit the role-based needs of each member of the team.
  • Pinpoint precision when intervention is needed and/or issues arise. Blue Ocean shows where in the pipeline attention is needed, facilitating exception handling and increasing productivity.
  • Native integration for branch and pull requests enables maximum developer productivity when collaborating on code with others in GitHub and Bitbucket.

 Setting up Jenkins Blue Ocean.

Please Note one of the important pre-requisite for the setup of Jenkins Blue ocean is that the current Jenkins version should be 2.7.x or above.

To Setup Jenkins Blue Ocean we need to follow below steps:

1)     Login into Jenkins.

2)     Navigate to Manage JenkinsàManage Plugin, under the available section search for Blue Ocean and install it.

3)     Restart the Jenkins.

4)     We would now be able to see New Jenkins Blue Ocean UI.

5)     To Design New pipeline, Click on New Pipeline option present on the top of screen.

6)     To Run or disable any Jenkins job we can simply click on Run and Disable options present on the top of the screen.

7)     To again Switch back to classic view Click on  classic icon at the top of the common section of Blue Ocean’s navigation bar.

       Go to classic icon



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