API Testing using Katalon Studio

API Testing using Katalon Studio

Till now we have seen how to perform API Testing using Postman and Rest Assured. In this article, we would be looking at how we can perform API testing using Katalon Studio as well.

As we know Katalon Studio Supports Web, Mobile, and API Testing as well.

To Begin with API Testing using Katalon Studio we need to follow below simple steps:

1)     Click on File à NewàProject

2)     Provide the Name of the project in Project type please make sure to select the option as API/Web Service and then Click on OK.

3)     This will automatically generate one sample project for us.

4)     Now right click on object repositoryàNewàWeb Service Request.

5)     Provide any suitable name for the Request along with Request Type and URL and click on OK.

6)     Now at the bottom of the screen, there are additional parameter like Authorization,  HTTP Header, HTTP Body etc which can be filled based on your requirement.

7)     We can also put inbuilt verification point as per the requirement as we usually do with the postman.

8)     Now we need to Right-click on the Test Cases folder. Select NewàTest Case.

9)     Inside Test Click on Add and Select web Service Request option.

10)   Now we can create our Test as per our requirement for e.g in below case I have created one sample test for validating the response code.

11)   To Execute this Test case we need  to click on Run and Select option as a web Service.

Result of execution would be like below :



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