A/B Testing-Comprehensive Guide

A/B Testing-Comprehensive Guide

In this article we will learn what is A/B Testing some important tools used for doing A/B Testing why it is used and why it is so much important to the overall business.

What is A/B Testing??

A/B Testing or more commonly known as Split or multivariate Testing is a way of comparing two or more version of web pages or apps to determine which one perform better for a defined set of goals. Despite having the Name as A/B Testing this test could be run on as many as pages we want. Please note there is no full form of A/B Testing.

when we execute an A/B test, we usually compare one page against one or more variations that contain at least one major difference in an element of the control page. After some time, the frame we can compare the result to validate which variant performs better among them.

Typical example of A/B Testing would be If an e-commerce website wanted to  update their new set of product and they are not sure which one would actually like by end-user so in that case A/B Testing would be useful where they will create two different variants of the page and distribute the load among both of them in some specific percentage like 50-50 percentage. After some period we will observe that out of two variant which performed better and based on feedback they can ultimately roll out the finalized version to all the user.

In this way A/B testing helps us in making the better decision of choosing the variant of the application.

Some popular Tools used for Doing A/B Testing is

Ø Instapage
Ø Leadpages
Ø Google Analytics
Ø CrazyEgg
Ø Unbounce. ...
Ø VWO (Visual Website Optimizer)
Ø Usability Hub (Five Second Tests)
Ø Kissmetrics



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