What is Grey Box Testing? Advantages And Techniques

What is Grey Box Testing? Advantages And Techniques

Grey or Gray Box Testing is basically a combination of Black Box Testing and White Box Testing Techniques.

As we all know in black box testing, tester is not aware of the internal structure or design of the application whereas in white box testing the internal structure is known to the tester.

In Grey Box Testing tester have access to the design documents along with all the information about the requirements. Grey box testing is primarily used in Integration Testing so to achieve the combined benefits of both black and white box testing techniques.

Advantages of Grey Box Testing

ü  All the test is designed and conducted from end-user point of view
ü  It combined all the advantages of black and the white box testing techniques.
ü  It combines the input of developers as well as testers and improves overall product quality
ü  Grey-box tester handles can design complex test scenario more intelligently
ü  It defines the clear boundary between the developers and the tester.

Grey Box Testing Techniques

Ø  Matrix Testing
Ø  Regression Testing
Ø  Orthogonal array Testing
Ø  Pattern Testing



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